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If for whatever reason you need to cancel your order you may do so within 3 days of purchasing - provided your order has not been fulfilled - in order to receive a refund. In the event that we are unable to fulfill your order for whatever reason your order will automatically be canceled and fully refunded. 


CanFur does not offer refunds or returns for any cut fabric(s). However, if you have an issue with your order you may request an exchange. 



You may exchange any fabric(s) within 7 days of receipt provided that the fabric is in the original condition. The customer is responsible for all shipping/import fees when exchanging an item. Exchanges are done on a 1 to 1 ratio; you may exchange any 1 meter of fabric for another 1 meter of fabric of equivalent value or less. No refunds shall be given for the swapping of a fabric of lesser value. All exchanges must be approved, to open an exchange please message us with your order number. 

Any product that has been CUT or ALTERED in any way, cannot be returned. Products sold as "Limited Runs" "Clearance," or “Swatches” may not be returned.  For International Orders “Customs/Duties Taxes,” and “Brokerage Charges” are not refundable and are to be paid by the customer. 

If on the rare chance you receive a product that is damaged, or incorrect (wrong item) please contact us and include a photo of the fabric as well as your order number. Reports of damage or defect must be done within 3 business days of receipt of the fabric. Once the request is approved you will have the option of replacing the fabric, or keeping it and receiving a discount coupon towards your next purchase. Customers opting for a replacement must pay for the shipping in order to receive a replacement. 

Colour Variation 
Please note that the colour of the fabric(s) may differ than what appears on your monitor. As such we strongly encourage you to order a swwatch of the desired fabric(s) prior to purchasing to ensure that you are satisfied with the colour. Swatches can be ordered for any of our regularly available products on the same order page using the "drop-down" menu. 


Please note that any fabric that comes "wrinkled" or "crimped" will NOT be considered a DAMAGED order. We always blowdry to remove severe wrinkles from our faux furs but smaller wrinkles may be left behind, you can easily remove these using a blow dryer on medium-high heat. If you do have any severe issues please do contact us and we'd be happy to troubleshoot with you or do an exchange provided you have not cut the fabric. 


Please note that any product with the "Pre-Order" tag is an upcoming fabric and is not guaranteed. When "purchasing" any fabric with the "Pre-Order" Tag you are "Pledging" the purchase amount to help us create the aforementioned product, as part of this we do not accept CANCELLATIONS on Pre-Orders, so please bare this in mind when placing an order for a fabric with the "Pre-Order" Tag. If for whatever reason we are unable to deliver your order or the planned fabric does not get made, we will refund you. Additionally - unless otherwise stated - the shipping for any product with the "Pre-Order" tag will not be billed until after the fabric has finished production and is ready for distribution. 

Allergy Warning

Customers with allergies or sensitivities should be advised that all products are stored in a home-studio environment, and although an Air Purifier is used onsite we cannot guarantee the products are free of allergens, or scents. The room the fabrics are stored in is sealed off from the rest of the home and is a scent-free zone. We are not to be held liable for any adverse health effects caused by or in relation to our products. 

Order Fulfillment & Catalogue

As mentioned above the products are stored in a home-studio environment, this is because CanFur is currently a one-man operation with occasional help from friends. As such please bare in mind that I am just one person, so sometimes it may take longer than normal to fulfill your order. CanFur is a community-funded operation where all proceeds are reinvested back into the business with the aims of creating more furs. As such, both our catalogue and stock is quite limited compared to large scale operations like BigzFabric, and it will take time for us to expand or operations. The best way you can help us expand operations if by supporting the business by either directly purchasing fabrics from us, or sharing with everyone you know and love. I want to thank you for your support and interest, together we can bring faux fur to Canada. =) 

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