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Product Demonstration 

CanFur Shag

Our short shag fur has a soft knit backing that is flexible with around a 15% stretch. Its soft dense pile is roughly 1" in length, with its somewhat wirey fibers it lays flatter than most furs of a similar length. The furs dense pile allows for an even shave to be achieved with minimal effort. Yet when shaved the fur still retains much of its softness that other furs - like the eco & lux shags - tend to loose when shaved. This makes the fur ideal for faces, paws, and ears. 

CanFur Minky

Unlike regular Minky which has no stretch, our Minky has a 2-way stretch, so while it's not as stretchy as Mochi Fabric with its 4-way stretch it is somewhat more versatile than other common Minky's. Its plush 4mm pile makes it great for plushi-making and fursuit-making!

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