Does CanFur ship Internationally?

We ship world wide, however as the site is still somewhat underconstruction we don't have all definitions for the shipping calculator in place, so your country might not be listed. If that happens simple contact us and we will create and order for you manually! Please note customers are responsible for any custom/duty/tax fees associated with importing to their country. 

Do you accept returns or give refunds?

At this point in time, we are not equipped to accept returns/exchanges. We are also not offering refunds due to COVID19. However, if we are unable to fulfill your order for whatever reason we will offer a refund. 

Can I order a swatch?

You can order swatches on any regularly available product. This means that you cannot order swatches on Pre-Order Furs, and Limited Run Furs. To order a swatch go to the desired fur and select "Order Swatch". Each swatch is 1$ CAD + Shipping. 

What companies do you ship with?

We ship with Canada Post and Chit Chats on larger (domestic) orders.

How long does it take to fufill an order once placed?

Provided all furs are in stock (excluding Pre-Orders which will be fulfilled at a later date), it will take on average 3-5 business days to fulfill an order depending on order volume. We are a one-man operation at the moment so please bare with us! 

Can you make custom colours?

We can indeed! However, we have a minimum order quantity of 50 meters at a rate of 60-75$CAD/meter (on average) The price per meter will depend on the quantity and fur type. Production time on custom colours is roughly 20 days, plus an additonal 20 days approximate for delivery from the mill before we can ship it out. Any leftover fur(s) will be added to our store as a limited time run for the general public.

Why do the prices keep changing?

We are still in the process of getting the fur(s) produced, so as time progresses we get a better idea of what the total cost after import will be. With that information we are able to dertermine the best price per meter to offer our customers. So the final price may be higher or lower than what pre-orders are currently. 

What is "Twilight Knights Cosplay" and why do I keep seeing it?

CanFur is a line of fabrics owned by the company Twilight Knights Cosplay (also known as TKC), so any orders customers receive may show the name Twilight Knights Cosplay as opposed to CanFur. This includes invoices/refunds and physical shipments. In the future, CanFur may separate to form its own company for now however it is simply a brand owned by TKC.