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These new Stretch Minky's are part of a "Trail Run," to guage community interest in these types of fabric. This means we only have a VERY small amount of each colour, given that once we are sold out of a colour that's it. If we sell out quickly then we'll know this is something that the community wants and will make an effort to restock these colours, and add additional colours in the future!  


About the Minky:


All of our minky's have a 2-way stretch with a 3-5mm pile and are 72" wide. 



Note for international customers:

This minky is priced in Canadian Dollars and is sold by the meter. While currency values change over time as of January 2023 16$ CAD is roughly 11.95$ USD. One meter equals 39" while one yard equals 36". 

Shrimp Stretch Minky

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