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Furs are sold by the meter.


About the fur:


This fur has a 1.5" pile and has a similar density to Beaver, so it shaves wonderfully. The fur is soft, but has a more wirey texture causing the fur to lay very flat compared to furs of a similar pile length.


This fur has a blue-grey colouration, and under natural lighting has an almost frosted appearance while under more artificial lighting it looks more blue with grey/white undertones. This fur is a nice middle ground to the Dusty Blue and Denim from BigZ while being in a slightly warmer tone comparatively. The fur that shares the most resemblance is the Periwinkle from Howl, though it's a cooler tone compared to the periwinkle.



Note for international customers:

This fur is priced in Canadian Dollars and is sold by the meter. While currency values change over time as of October 2022 45$ CAD is roughly 31$ USD. One meter equals 39" while one yard equals 36".


We do Ship World-Wide however not all countries have been added to our shipping calculator yet. If your country is not listed, please contact us and we will place an order manually. Please note all customers are responsible for shipping and import fees and taxes associated with the sale of this item. For EU customers we do not collect VAT on your behalf so you will be responsible for paying it upon arrival to your country.

Glacier "Teddy Fox"

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