This fur is in the early stages of development so it won't be hitting the shelves for some time. By pre-ordering the fur you are providing tremendous help in making this fur a reality as without your help it simply cannot happen. As such by pre-ordering you understand that the price paid per meter is just a deposit so the final total of the cost per meter may vary as such we will refund the difference once we know the cost. This fur will be more expensive than our normal furs due to its complexity but by how much we do not know yet. Similarly, shipping will not be billed until the fur is on hand. 


About the Fur: 


This fur has a 1.5" pile with a similar density to Beaver, so it shaves wonderfully. The fur is soft but has a more wirey texture similar to Fox-styled furs which helps this fur to lay flatter compared to furs of a similar pile length. 


As for the pattern itself, the current version of the design has the circles on the pattern being approximately 5.34" in size. The second image shows how it will be tiled on a 1m (lengthwise) worth of fur. We've included the Pantone colour numbers that will be used in the design so you can see how it looks on your monitor, especially since our early production sample was made using red instead of pink.  While this arcade design is tamer than some of the other design we've seen its still versitile enough to be used as accents on fursuits. 

CanFur's Arcade "Teddy Fox"