Get one swatch of each of our available colours (currently 9 colours total) plus a CanFur Keychain.  These swatch pack are a limited time only to celebrate the completion of our most recent Kickstarter. As such we have a limited supply of them and once we run out this product will be pulled from our shelves until the next KS. 


Artwork by the popular artist TealYeen



Note for international customers:

This fur is priced in Canadian Dollars and is sold by the meter. While currency values change over time as of Jan 20th, 2022 43$ CAD is roughly 34$ USD. One meter equals 39" while one yard equals 36". 


We do Ship World-Wide however not all countries have been added to our shipping calculator yet. If your country is not listed, please contact us and we will place an order manually.  

Swatch Pack

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