Unlike our other furs available for pre-order we will only go into production once atleast 25 meters have been sold.  Furs will not be shipped until the product arrives. Pre-Order quantities are limited to just 25 meters. Shipping will be billed seperately once the furs have arrived from the mill. The site may charge you for the shipping upfront, but this is just a deposit. 


After all of our pre-orders have been delivered the remaining fabric will be available for purchase to the general public. All proceeds from the sales of our furs will go directly towards funding future colours. So until we have a decent selection of readily available furs all of our products are not-for-profit. 


Furs are sold by the meter.


About the fur:


This fur has a 1.5" pile with a similar texture to eco & lux shag furs. This beautiful fur is like a more intense version of the Bubblegum Pink commonly found online, however its colour is far more intense. We think your opinion on what a Bubblegum pink fur should be will change after you see this intensely pink fur! 


Limit 5 Swatches per order. 


Please note that when checking out the shipping total is just an estimate. If you are overcharged for the shipping we will refund you. If you are undercharged we will invoice you for the remaining amount. This is just temporary while we work on getting our shipping calculator up to speed.  We apologize for the inconvience. 



Note for internation customers:

This fur is priced in Canadian Dollars, and is sold by the meter. While currency values change overtime as of June 1st 2020 43$ CAD is roughly 31$ USD. One meter equals 39" while one yard equals 36". 


We do Ship World-Wide however not all countries have been added to our shipping calculator yet. If your country is not listed, please contact us and we will place an order manually.  

Pre-Order Deep Pink

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